Negative Match List

Negative Match List

Here are the list of keywords and terms that all affiliates are responsible to ensure that they negatively match for in accordance with the extract taken from our terms and conditions below:

Sole responsibility for the Affiliate’s Site

5.15 The Affiliate will be solely responsible for the operation and content of its sites, and shall ensure that materials posted on its site or any third party site (including any of the search terms and/or key words linked to such content): (i) are not libellous, obscene, sexually explicit, violent or illegal; (ii) do not provide unauthorised access to copyrighted content; (iii) do not otherwise actually or potentially infringe any rights of William Hill and/or any other third party; (iv) are original and owned by or licensed to the Affiliate, and that the ‘look and feel’ of the Affiliate’s site does not resemble any of the Sites; (v) negatively match against any potentially harmful search terms including (but not limited to) those likely to be used by persons attempting to stop or reduce their gambling, for example ‘gambling exclusion’ ‘block gambling account’ ‘stop gambling’ etc. and (vi) are not otherwise deemed, at William Hill’s sole discretion, unsuitable.

Negative Keywords

Negative Keyword

Negative Keyword

Negative Keyword

Negative Keyword

"a bank that does not gamble"




"a loan for gambling"




"a meeting of minds"


"non profit"

"total returns"




"Town hall"


"English Defence League"

"north korea"






"Abdelhamid Abaaoud"


"not involved"




"not loading"

"trap challenge"



"not working"


"about betting"




"Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi"
















"ad-Dawlah al-Islāmiyah"













"ethnic cleansing"



"addicting to gambilng"




"addicting togambilng"


"opening times"












"opt out"

"un safe"








"under 18"




"under 18s"




"under age"






"extremist politics"



"adictve games"
































"al Qaida"








"Al-Hayat Media Center"

"far left politics"




"far right politics"



"Al-I'tisam Media Foundation"






"paris attack"


"alan gamble"


"parliament knife attack"


"alfie and bets"


"parliament shooting"




"parliament terror attack"

"dirty chat"





"angry feminists"




"animal abuse"

"fifa 19"



"animal cruelty"

"financial betting"







"Anjem Choudary"







"does not gamble"




"dog fight"

"anti gambling"

"forced marriage"










"domestic abuse"




"domestic violence"


"found guilty"


"don't require age"


"france attack"





"peppa pig cartoon"





"downing street"









"ariana grande"



"drone strike"

"armed police"




"armed with a knife"




"armed with an axe"


"phone number"

"drunk driving"

"armed with axe"




"armed with knife"




"armed with knives"











"Dylan Farrow"





"ask gamblers"

"gam stop"




"gamb leaware"


"National Defence League"




"National Express"


"gamble addiction"


"national security"


"gamble and gunn"



"attack on commons"

"Gamble aware"

"police brutality"



"gamble awareness"

"police shooting"



"gamble awares"



"aussie rules"

"gamble problem"




"gamble regulation"


"new york"














"gambled all my wage"



"axe attack"

"gambled all my wages"




"gambled all wage"




"gambled all wages"




"gambled my wage"


"no bank"

"ban myself gambling"

"gambled my wages"


"no cards"


"Gambling Addiction "


"no cash"


"gambling crime"


"no credit card necessary"


"gambling for under 18"


"no credit"

"bank does not gamble"

"Gambling problem"


"no credits"

"bank of england"

"gambling problems"


"no deposit"

"bank rate"

"gambling restrictions"


"no deposite"


"gambling trust"


"no escape"


"gambling trusts"


"no fucking deposit"


"game care"


"no gambling"


"game cares"


"no money"




"no registration"




"no wager requirements"


"gaming policy"







"bastille day killings"

"gang crime"



"bataclan attacks"

"gang rape"



"battery & assault"

"gang warfare"



"battery and assault"















"terms and conditions"





"become a bookie"






"quit betting"





"terrorist attacks"






"gun fire"




"gun fired"

"quitting betting"










"bet fixing"




"betting addiction"




"betting arbitrage"




"betting cheat"




"betting cheats"


"Radical preacher"


"betting issues"




"betting problem"




"betting scams"

"hard on"



"betting software"

"hate crime"



"betway close account"

"hate crimes"










"to cry"





"bingo for kids"


























"red bull"


"block sites for gambling"









"holy war"















"blow job"











"currency movements"








"customer service"







"remove bet"




"remove card"




















"responsible gambling"











"identify fraud"


"death toll"


"identity theft"



"bookies not on gamstop"







"debt through gambling"





















"borough market"




















"break off"





"insufficient funds"




"interest rates"



"brussels attack"




"bull fight"




"bull fights"


"russian roulette"



























"is it worth gambling today"






"michael farrow"





"can you take a loan for gambling"

"ISIS executions"












"Islamic State"




"islamist state"

"scratch cards"






"cartoon animals for children"

"Jama'at al-Tawhid wal-Jihad"



"cartoon cars for children"



"mission statement"

"cartoon dinosaurs for children"




"cartoon for children"




"cartoon for kids"


"security attacks"




"security number"

"money drop"

"cartoons for babies"


"security systems"

"money launder"

"cartoons for children"



"money laundering"

"cartoons for kids"


"self exclude from gambling"

"moneysavingexpert gambling"



"self exclude from william hill"


"cash advance"


"self exclusion"


"cash in minutes"




"casino for under 18"









"kids music"


"munich attack"


"kids song"


"munich massacre"


"kids songs"


"munich shooting"

"charlie hebdo"


"seth gamble"


"chasing losses"






"sex abuse"




"sex crime"




"sex crimes"

"muslim brotherhood"




"mustard agent"




"my account"


"knife attack"

"sexual abuse"

"my choices"

"child abuse"

"knife crime"

"sexual assault"

"my wages"

"child pornography"





"know your age"




"Ku Klux Klan"













"share price"







"legally rob"







"close account"




"Close Brothers"




"close my"







"stop gambling"


"liability management"





"shootings at airport"




"shop closure"




"shut down"




"shut off"


"cock fighting"


"sign in"












"site down"

"street shootings"




"strip club"


"log in"

"skin head"

"strip poker"














"london bridge"








"loop hole"






"stuck on loading"






"losing it all"







"confusing gambling offers"







"Suicide bomber"




"suicide bombings"

"control gambling"






"software to block sites for gambling"




"software to block"











"Madeleine McCann"

"sonic games"



"maelbeek subway"












"male supremacy"

"spouse abuse"



















"mass shootings"





"statutory rape"




"steal money"





"verify age"




[addicting to gambilng]


"x rated"


[addicting togambilng]




[ban myself gambling]




[bank does not gamble]




[block sites for gambling]

"view my"



[can you take a loan for gambling]



"war crime"

[control gambling]



"war crimes"

[debt through gambling]




[gamble addiction]




[gamble aware]




[gamble awareness]

"william hill plus"



[gamble regulation]


"zaventem attacks"






[gambling crime]




[gambling problems]




[gambling restrictions]




[gaming policy]



"what is"

[no gambling]


"write off"

"What to wear"

[software to block sites for gambling]



"white supremacy"