Affiliate advice IGRG

Affiliate advice IGRG

We are sharing the release of the IGRG 6th Edition October 2020 which has certain implications for Affiliates (Link to IGRG).
Scroll to the bottom of the page and select ‘Download Resources’ to obtain the PDF version of the Codes.

In particular, paragraphs 61-62 covers the following;

Affiliate activity 61. The Gambling Commission are clear that operators will be held responsible for any marketing carried out by their affiliates. As such, operators are expected to ensure that all relevant Code requirements are also followed by their affiliate marketers. This Sixth edition of the Code seeks to build on this requirement to establish more robust controls. As such, this revision includes;

* A requirement for all affiliates to be subject to due diligence and PEPS/sanctions checks. KYC checks should also be conducted wherever relevant.

* A requirement for affiliates to comply with all relevant regulatory and legislative requirements including CAP’s guidance on ensuring advertisements are obviously identifiable as such. In order to promote consistency, all relevant affiliate ads should be clearly and prominently marked ‘#ad’.

* A requirement for relevant affiliates to share safer gambling related content on a regular basis, with frequency to be pre-determined with each individual operator with whom that affiliate has an agreement.

62. Compliance with the above is expected to be managed by way of a contractual obligation to comply with a Code of Conduct for the affiliate party. Operators are expected to terminate relationships with affiliates who cannot/do not comply, preferably on a one strike and you’re out rule.

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