How much money can I earn with William Hill Affiliates

There is no limit to your earnings; it is all up to you. The more traffic you generate, the more profit you can earn.

Where can I get updates on news and promotions?

It is easy to stay well-informed about our current promotions and updates.

  • You can check our news page at any time for updates such as the release of new games.
  • You can check our promotion page for the latest information on our bonuses and promotions.

In addition, be sure to read our emails. That is one of the best ways to know what is going on with the program and products, as we send updates on a regular basis describing special events and offerings. Of course, if you have any specific questions, contact your account manager.

Where can I read the Terms and Conditions?

You can access our terms and conditions by clicking here.

Account Options

How do I set up an account with William Hill Affiliates?

It’s pretty easy to get started partnering with us. To set up an account, enter your personal details in all the required (marked with *) fields.

If you are representing a company, please check the box: “I am registered for tax”. Three additional required fields will appear – just fill in your company details. If you are an individual, please leave the box unchecked.

When choosing a currency, please note that all your statistics and subsequent payments will be in this currency.

If I have more than one website, do I need a separate account for each website?

No. In fact, it is best if you use the same account for all your websites, however, you can use different Marketing Sources to define different websites.

Marketing Source is the term used to define any channel used by the Affiliate to promote the Affiliate Program. Upon registration, you will need to register one marketing source only; however you can add more Marketing Sources once you have access to the Affiliate Interface. Marketing Sources can be added or edited from the “My Account” section.

What are the available types of commission?

We currently offer Revenue Share, CPA and the 5-Tier Programme.

In addition, we take pride in tailoring customized deals for our partners. Our Account Managers can help you choose the programme best suited for your needs. Please speak to us and together we can create an earnings offer right for you.

How do I change my personal account details?

In order to change your personal account details, please contact our support team.

Reward Plan Types

Which plan is better: Revenue Share or CPA?

We recommend our Revenue Share plan, as it has more advantages regarding your potential earnings.

Revenue Share is a percentage of the Net Gaming Revenue, which is basically Bets minus Wins.
In Poker, Revenue Share is calculated from the Rake and tournament fees minus the bonuses.

When choosing the Revenue Share option, you receive a share of your player’s
net gaming for a lifetime, whereas CPA is a one-time payment.

Another major advantage of our Revenue Share plan is that your earnings
are not restricted to only one of our product; rather, your revenue can come from all of them.

For example, if your player makes a deposit in EuroGrand Casino followed by a
deposit in 21Nova Casino, you will benefit from both of these deposits (unlike CPA).
The amount of the CPA that you will receive is limited, whereas there are no limits
with Revenue Share.

The majority of our most-successful affiliates take advantage of our Revenue Share plan and enjoy limitless earnings.

As a new affiliate, what commission will I get?

Most new affiliates prefer the Revenue Share model due to its high earning potential and lifetime source of revenue. Please speak with your account manager for details. For more information on Revenue Share and other available models, please check our commissions page.

Cookies and How WilliamHill Uses Them

What are cookies?

Cookies are small pieces of data that are stored on your computer. They enable an improved experience when using or browsing a particular website. They remember your preferences and navigation history/activity, such as the pages you visited within a particular site, language preferences or typical activity. IMPORTANT: Please note that cookies cannot carry viruses and cannot install malware or other malicious software onto your PC.

How do we use cookies?

We use cookies simply to remember your preferences and to ensure that your accounts work correctly when you access our services. Once you have visited our site, we remember your preferred language, your time zone and the pages you like to visit. This helps us ensure that you receive information that is up to date and relevant to you and your experience with William Hill.

We do not use any cookies that are classed as “intrusive”, such as those used to observe your Web-browsing activity or present specific targeted advertising to you as a user. We do not use these types of cookies.

Types of cookies that we use, which are essential for the operation of your account:

-Preference cookies – important for ensuring that you see our site in your language of choice; that your local time zone is updated to show you markets in your time zone; that your balance is shown correctly in the various areas of our site; and that when you move to/access the different areas of our site, your balance is shown accurately.

-Remember-me functionality – only used if you select the “remember me” function. This will store your username for ease of use the next time you return to our site.

-Login cookies – these are essential for using our site, as we encrypt details for your security. These are used to ensure you can log in, that your details are authenticated and that important details regarding your account are shown to you after login (such as balance, payment details, etc.).

Should I turn off cookies?

We generally recommend that you use cookies on our site, as they will improve your experience. We use cookies only to improve your experience with our site. Using cookies will ensure that you get the information you need, see the markets you typically access and utilise our “remember me” functionality. Cookies let us remember your language and local time-zone settings for ease of use.

How can I prevent cookies being used on my browser?

Whilst we do not recommend this course of action, you can also delete any cookies at the end of each session on the Internet so no cookies are stored on your computer. To do this, please refer to your Internet browser’s instructions.

What else can I do?

Whilst we do not recommend this course of action, you can also delete any cookies at the end of each session on the Internet so no cookies are stored on your computer. To do this, please refer to your Internet browser’s instructions.

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What is the commission programme?

William Hill Affiliates offers a competitive revenue model across its products. The revenue model is always a great deal and will provide substantial sources of revenue.

Options include:

  1. Revenue Share – The preferred option of new affiliates due to high earnings and a lifetime source of revenue. Share a percentage of the Net Gaming Revenue according to the number of players you generate.
  1. CPA – This is a one-time payment for bringing a depositing player. Contact your account manager for further details.

Where can I find the direct links for your partners?

To assist you with all your marketing needs, our marketing material is available directly in your William Hill Affiliates account.

How many brands does William Hill Affiliates currently promote?

Click here for all William Hill Affiliates brands.

What is a Rake?

This is a term used in poker. Every hand that is played in a poker room is charged a certain commission percentage that the house collects. This is referred to as the “Rake”.
The Rake share is automatically deducted from every player who participates in a round in relation to the number of people playing.
This share remains constant regardless of whether the player has won or lost the pot.

Exact numbers can be found on the William Hill website.

How do I get paid and what are the available payment methods?

We have several payment methods: Electronic Transfer, Neteller, Skrill, EcoPayz, Envoy and PayPal. The minimum payout amount for Electronic Transfer transactions is $50 or equivalent. However, payouts that are carried out through an e-wallet require a minimum of only $5.

How do I track my earnings?

Log in to your William Hill Affiliates account and see your payments on the home screen. You can view your statistical records, check how much money you earn each month and evaluate your progress.

When do I get paid?

The payment is made during the next calendar month to the preferred payment account.

How do I change my account's payment method?

To change your payment method, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your William Hill Affiliates account and click on the Profile Icon (top right corner of your screen)
  2. Click on Payment Information -> Edit
  3. Fill out the new details and then click on “save” to save the new payment method.

Where can I get my Marketing Tools?

To assist you with all of your marketing needs, our marketing section is available directly in your William Hill Affiliates account.
Our Media Gallery will help you promote our products and boost your income.

If you do not find the marketing tools you want, or you wish to customise them according to your site and traffic type, please contact your account manager and we will provide you with the marketing tools you need.

Why don't I receive emails from William Hill Affiliates?

Every email account provider has its own criteria as to what is considered spam. We advise you to check your Junk or Spam folder regularly, set the definitions and make sure email from William Hill Affiliates can be accepted.

* Please note that AOL account holders will not receive our email at all. We advise you to use one of the free email service providers available, such as Hotmail, Yahoo, Gmail, etc.

Why can't I log in to my account?

Has your account been locked? – Contact our support team and they will assist.

Microsoft’s Service Pack 2 occasionally disrupts cookies, and this may be the cause of your login problem. To solve it, please do the following:

  1. Go to toolbar and select Tools.
  2. Select Internet Options.
  3. Select Privacy.
  4. Bring the scale to the minimum and “accept all cookies”.

This should solve your login problems; we apologize for any inconvenience.

How do I create a tracking code?

You can use marketing sources to analyse and optimise traffic. Please refer to the affiliate manual after login for a step-by-step guide.

How I can create a sub-affiliate link?

Your sub-affiliate link at William Hill Affiliates is available upon request from our Please send this link to your new sub-affiliate and have him/her open an account using this page.

How do I track my traffic?

Log in to your William Hill Affiliates account and click on “Reports”, where you can check your traffic performance and conversion rates.

You can view the statistics for the number of clicks, downloads, sign ups and real players that your banners generate. Most importantly, you can see how much cash you have earned.

Security and Privacy Settings

The Security settings on your Internet browser can affect how you navigate around our website. In order to allow our site to send you the necessary information to place a bet etc., you will need to check that your security settings meet the following requirement:

  • Click on Tools -> Internet Options
  • Choose the Security tab
  • Choose Default and ensure that your security level is set to Medium or lower

The Privacy settings on your Internet browser can affect how you navigate around our website.

To allow you to log on to our site correctly, we place a ‘cookie’ file on your computer which registers that you have logged on. Without this cookie, our website will constantly ask you to log in for each bet you attempt to place.

You can check your privacy settings by following the steps below:

  • Click on Tools > Internet Options
  • Choose the Privacy tab
  • Choose Default and ensure that your privacy level is set to Medium or lower